I AM ALIVE - the musical

I Am Alive - Who We Are


Denise Gentilini

Music, Lyrics, Book, Producer, Orchestrator and Music Director

As a composer, Denise has used her music to further peace and social justice in the world. After years of producing singer/songwriters in Los Angeles as well as working as a studio musician, Denise moved into the world of film music. in 2002 Denise produced the film and scored the music to The Handjian Story: A Road Less Traveled. This was her first documentary film dedicated to her grandparents story - a story that clearly pulls at her heart strings to keep telling. The film score garnered Denise her first Emmy® award. Denise's second documentary, Conviction, which tells the story of three peace activist, anti-nuclear Dominican nuns who broke into a nuclear missile silo in Northern Colorado to "expose our weapons of mass destruction", would bring Denise her second Emmy® award for film score. 

In whatever format possible, Denise wants to honor her grandparents on this 100th commemoration year of the Armenian Genocide and tell their story in a new format - a musical. With the help of long time friend and collaborator, Lisa Nemzo, they have created a musical experience that will shed light on a genocide that so many know so little about.

Denise has made it her purpose to give a voice to the voiceless. I Am Alive will share Denise's grandparents story of survival, finding love after witnessing such hatred, and how they forged ahead to create a life and a family.

Music is Denise's voice and being Armenian makes this subject matter very close to her heart. Denise and Lisa hope this story continues to find an audience, both in the non-Armenian community, and to serve as an opportunity for healing in the Armenian community. This is every survivors story.



Lisa Nemzo

Music, Lyrics and Book

Lisa Nemzo has toured and performed internationally as a songwriter and recording artist. She shared the stage with Ray Charles, Hall & Oates, David Crosby, Bonnie Raitt, Heart and others. Nemzo was signed as a staff writer in Nashville for TV and film. In recent years as a songwriter, producer, and energy medicine therapist, Lisa has chosen to collaborate on projects domestic and global that have a greater purpose in helping others heal from life's traumatic events.

The title track "Restless Soul" was entered into the Smithsonian Institute for the best folk music of the 1990's. In 2012, Nemzo's indie record label Dream Wild Records, produced her first award winning music video "Arlington"- to date it has 1.3 million views on YouTube. Thousands of dollars were donated and the project partnered with director David Lynch and his foundation, which now has scholarships for returning veterans to learn TM-meditation. 

Most recently, Nemzo produced the CD "Trying to Come Back Home", for blues/rock guitarist, Michael Wesley Hughes; a purple heart, Vietnam veteran who's story of being left for dead is finally being told through his songs to bring a voice and support to returning veterans.

In I Am Alive, Denise and Lisa created a body of work through 26 songs and a script that delivers a message that the Armenian people, their culture and history despite the atrocities they endured, are very much alive.