I am thrilled to announce that the World Premiere release of a full concept recording of the songs from I AM ALIVE - a new musical - is now available. This 2 CD set includes most of the dialogue from the newest version of the script that leads into each of the songs allowing the listener to have a virtual experience of the storyline, without the visual. A lot of work went into this project and some new actors have brought a new perspective on the songs which led to some new songs! These wonderful singers are some of Denver's best and I am proud to have them put their voices to this story. Thank you:

Lauren Shealy          Seth Dhonau       Paul Page              Shannan Steele          Eugene Ebner          Jennifer Burnett

Mary Louise Lee      Jake Mendes       Michael Morgan      Aaron Vega                Sophia Dotson          Miles Shaw

Kieran O'Brien          David Nehls        Anna Maria High     Sherean Samimi        Stacey Landes

Being the granddaughter of Armenian genocide survivors, this story holds a very strong grip on my heart. To be able to tell it in the form of a musical is new and different and I think it will reach a whole new audience. Please enjoy this promotional video that gives a glimpse of past productions on stage - and a hint of the beauty, passion and orchestration of the music. Co-written with Lisa Nemzo, I Am Alive will hopefully have a long life and someday make it to a Broadway Stage or film!

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