I AM ALIVE - Historical

Thank you to ALL the actors and crew throughout the now seven year process of this project. They have all helped to shape, teach and elevate this work to levels I could never have imagined.  

The I AM ALIVE family - beginning in 2015: 


I AM ALIVE 1 - Gates Hall at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts 

University of Denver, Premier April 21, 2015 

in alphabetical order: 

Casey Andree, Patrick Brownson, Jimmy Bruenger, Jennifer Burnett, Shelley Canales, Alik Christianian, Kim Christianian, Benjamin Cowhick, Heather Doris, Eugene Ebner, Ellen Orloff Gauthier, Brandon Joseph, Charlie Korman, Brody Lineaweaver, Gustavo Marquez,                 Anna Melkonian, Gabriel Morales, Zoey Morse, Angela Mendez, Norrell Moore, Paul Page, Zhanna Poghosyan, Sherean Samimi,            Erica Sarzin-Borillo. 

I AM ALIVE 2 - Mile Hi Church, Lakewood, Colorado, April 2016: 

Jimmy Bruenger, Jennifer Burnett, Benjamin Cowhick, Mary Eslaminia, Lilli Hokama, Rob Janzen, Avi Levin, Brody Lineaweaver,               Scott Lubinski, Gustavo Marquez, Susannah McLeod, Angela Mendez, Michael Mendez, Michael Morgan, Paul Page, Zhanna Poghosyan, Sherean Samimi, Erik Sandvold, Mare Trevathan. The I AM ALIVE choir from Mile Hi Church directed by Stacey Landes: Aileen Arroyo, Denise Dash, Joel Dash, Cindy Dooley, Kandis Glasgow, Kristi Gleason, Linda Hilliker, Carole Johnson-Wolff, John LaFace, Bob Larson,  Ariel Lipscomb, Bruce McCreary, Bruce McDonald, Tanya Park, Denae Parker, Sean Ratchford, Edith Rincon, Bonniejune Rohwer,                   Donna Schulte, Michelle Signs, Janice Smith, Janet Sykora, Latie Thompson, Sam Waters, Bernie Wienski, Beth Wienski, Erin Willis.        The Mile Hi Church Crew: Sound-Nathan Marschall, Lights-Larry Varvel, Video-Nathan Matsoukas 

I AM ALIVE 3 - Alex Theatre, Glendale, California, September 2016: 

Jennifer Burnett, Benjamin Cowhick, Diana Dresser, Paul Dwyer, Logan Ernstthal, Mehfy Eslaminia, Lilli Hokama, Rob Janzen,            Brandon Joseph, Andrew Keeler, Thadd Krueger, Avi Levin, Brody Lineaweaver, Gustavo Marquez, Susannah McLeod, Angela Mendez, Gabriel Morales, Zhanna Poghosyan, Sherean Samimi, Mare Trevathan, Thaddeus Valdez. 

 Thank you to the wonderful singers who helped with the demo recordings: 

Darrow Klein, Kyriana Kratter, Jordan Leigh, Sarah Rex, Jalyn Courtenay Webb, Steve Klein, Joe Callahan, Jeremy Rill and Steven Burge. 

 With special thanks for their help along the way in various capacities: Dave and Tina Lemieux, Susan Bender, Sue Gallanter, Joe Mauro, Randall Boyd & Simon Toparovsky, Simon Maghakyan, Susanna Hairapetyan, Sona Hedeshian and the Armenians of Colorado,             Susan Draus, Melissa McCarl, Susie Leiser and Hasmik Nikoghosyan.  

A very special thanks to Lauren Shealy for going above and beyond the call of singing to impart her wisdom, grammar acumen and friendship along the way. I will be forever grateful for the emotion you brought to this project and how you created a beautiful image of my grandmother at an age I never knew her. Thank you... 

Directed by Christy Montour-Larson, Original Costume Design by Clare Henkel, Costume Design by Katie Horney, Seamstress Faith Reed, Choreography by Diana Dresser, Stage Manager Jean Egdorf, Assistant Stage Managers Ashley Duke & Veronica Leggier, Props by          Tim David, Production Design by Brian Freeland, Projections by Mark Montour-Larson, Sound Mixer Meaghan Holdeman,                        Music Director Denise Gentilini, Assistant Music Director Scott Lubinski, Lighting Design by Shannon McKinney, Dramaturgy by Larry Loebell, John Dietrich and Cheryl Coons. 








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