Here is some PRESS on I Am Alive -From an audience member who attended the April 21, 2015 concert performance: I Am Alive. The scenes were flawlessly timed. The movement was vibrant. The music was beautiful and sometimes haunting, with crystal clear instrumentals. The graphic scenery was riveting. I Am Alive was written from the heart.  It was apparent that director Christy Montour-Larson instilled this historic situation into the hearts of the actors, such that they truly embodied their characters. Never have I seen such a large group of players connect with the audience. Towards the end, Armenian Genocide survivors Kourken and Malvine meet, fall in love and marry. The audience was brought to tears by their union at the end of the play. Images, photos, of the real Kourken and Malvine appeared on the backdrop, and it brought home that this production was about real people and real life. It was truly a human experience.    – Andrew D., Larkspur Colo.Denise Gentilini interview on 9NEWS Denver - April 25, 2016 Gentilini interview on Colorado Public Radio with Ryan Warner: Gentilini television interview with Lois Melkonian, February 23, 2015 - on KDVR Fox 31, Denver: our award winning Director, Christy Montour-Larson - speaking to the cast during rehearsal:I know that we do a lot of shows, we do shows, we do shows. But every now and then we get to do a show that's more than just a show, don't we? We get the chance to really tell the story of a community - we get to gather. Theatre is theatre but sometimes theatre is more than theatre. Sometime theatre is the telling of humanity. This is like a sand painting that will be in the ether, but I know I will never forget it and I hope you never do, either".”
After seeing our Glendale, California Alex Theatre performances on September 10 and 11, 2016 - Patrick Hurley said the following about I Am Alive:...a highly worthy... essential piece of historical theatre.captivating and beautifully choreographed.A bit agitprop, a bit documentary, this is story worthy of being told.” - Patrick Hurley


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